Rossiyskaya Federatsiya

Russia / Ivan Braginsky
Российская Федерация •

Name: Russia (aka The Russian Federation, Rossiyskaya Federatsiya, The Soviet Union, USSR and Ivan Braginsky)
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Version: Original
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (around 1000 years or so)

Appearance: Russia’s the biggest country in the world so it isn’t surprising that, as an anthropomorphization, he’s the tallest of all countries. Standing at 182 cm (6 feet) and rather big-boned, he’s quite formidable. He has short ash blond hair and violet-coloured eyes.

Most of the time Russia has a gentle smile on his face thus fooling those who don’t know his true nature with ease. His smile is a treacherous one that can turn into a psychotic expression in the matter of a second. Needless to say, Russia's a master at looking intimidating when he wants to.

For his clothing he's usually wearing his uniform. A long light brown coat that reaches his knees with green pants beneath it. On his feet he has a pair of sturdy brown boots and his hands are wrapped in thick brown leather gloves. And no matter what the outfit, Russia always wears a scarf (usually the beige one he got from his sister). It's very rare to see him without one.
Сегодня я просто плэер •

Weaknesses: Russia may not show it but he's somewhat emotionally stunted. He only knows suffering, which is probably also why he inflicted it upon others so much because he knows it works and doesn't know better than that. He's very much an overgrown broken child who's constantly been neglected in the past.

His mind can be rather fragile, it doesn't take much for him to fall back on his psychotic tendencies. Especially when it comes to mentioning sensitive things about his past.

Mindscape: Russia's mindscape will probably mostly switch between two sorts of sceneries. The first would be a huge field of sunflowers where the weather's always warm and there's a beach not too far off. This is what Russia dreams of, the place he wants to be at most. It's his default mindscape.

The second scenery is when he's in a darker mood or in a particularly unstable one. It's the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg only it looks more like a ruin. A lot of the palace is torn apart and all the rooms are abandoned, furniture is placed rather waywardly as if a tornado has stormed through the many rooms of the palace and the gardens have been burned down. Outside it looks like a battlefield with bodies littering the street as if it's Bloody Sunday all over again. In the distance the sunflower field of Russia's dreams can be seen but it is rotten and decayed.

Моя нетленная душа •

Personality: Russia may look like an adult but on the inside he’s very much a child; simple-souled, possessive and naïve. A wayward child who has been misguided. On the surface Russia acts like a pleasant and composed person. He's cheerful most of the time and so might not come across as threatening at all. Even when he's angry he still smiles.

However this is only one side of Russia, the one he shows most frequently. He possesses a far darker side that occasionally shows itself. A side that's the result of being forced through many years of cruelty since his childhood. Basically he's what the Japanese call a 'yandere'. A yandere being someone who happens to be a gentle and kind person on the outside but is prone to psychotic outbursts. To put it simply: Russia's actually a cheerful sociopath.

Unlike your usual 'villain' Russia doesn't hide his true intentions. He'll say them bluntly, causing others to freak out. In all honesty Russia means well. He doesn’t hurt others because he enjoys it; he hurts others because he realized just being nice won’t make anyone stick around. Like how a child would want to break a bird’s wings so it can no longer fly away from them. He wants to make people happy, fix them, but he’s done so ill. He knows he has made a terrible mess of things. But what had to be must be. As long as the methods work he'll use them, no matter what others may think of them.

Strengths: With his firm posture Russia is certainly no push-over. He's strong and his size can work to his advantage. He's skilled with weapons which isn't too surprising when one's history only knows war. He's capable of using different kinds of guns and is especially skilled in using blunt weapons. Those only require brute force and that's something he has plenty of.

Russia is known for his incredible endurance as working in the harshest of conditions was normal for a very long time in his country. Taking him down isn't an easy task.

As for strength of the mind, Russia has seen a lot of gruesome things in his long life. Things others might find horrifying he may hardly bat an eye at, he won't be easily disturbed or traumatized.

Я ни о чем не жалею •

History: As Russia the person is actually the country, it's basically the entire history of Russia up to the vague present.

In prehistoric times Russia was just a bunch of vast steppes that tribes of Nomads lived on. In the 9th century a predecessor state of Russia was established known as Kievan Rus'. Kievan Rus' ultimately disintegrated as a state when the Mongols invaded in 1230. The Grand Duchy of Moscow, as an important centre of trade, steadily grew bigger and bigger by annexing it's rivals and eventually became the biggest Russian Empire.

It has fought quite some battles and in 1547 it's very first Tsar (Emperor/King) appeared, who continued to annex the Tatar Khanates and bring many changes to Russia. In that time an unsuccessful war was being waged against the coalition of Poland, Lithuania and Sweden for access to the Baltic coast. Russia knew his state was isolated so access to the coast was important. But the state was weakened because of various reasons and the Crimean Tartars even managed to burn down Moscow. All the misery of Russia's people eventually turned into a civil war (known as the Time of Troubles in Russian history) in the early 1600's.

In 1613 the chaos ended under the Romanov dynasty. Russia managed to restore peace with Sweden in 1617 and get the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to sign a truce in 1619. Russia wasn't quite at peace though. There were a lot of revolts because of the serfdom during the 17th century, such as the Salt Riot, Copper Riot and the Moscow Uprising. But Russia still continued to expand regardless. Though it still remained isolated from sea trade.

Under the iron rule of the German princess Catherine II in 1773, Russia allied himself with Austria and Prussia and claimed territories of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was then that Russia turned into a major European power...